solid strategies

concrete foundations

Leadership & Business Development Consultancy

specialising in solving your biggest business challenges

Reach your full potential.

GH Consulting & Business Services is a small-scale Leadership and Business Development Consultancy specialising in solving your biggest business challenges. We act as strategic advisors helping leaders excel, develop solid strategies and build concrete foundations for long-lasting success. 

Expert Advice

With the combination of our unique, international experience and expertise, we know exactly what you need in order to grow. 

Individual Approach

Solid strategy designed to suit your individual needs and business objectives. Because no two people or business cases are the same. 

Results Driven

Determined action over too much talk, always. We walk the talk and provide concrete solutions that produce solid results, consistently. 

International Expertise

Our team has a vast international experience in a variety of fields because nothing makes you stand out from the crowd more than a fresh, global perspective. 

See the bigger picture

Think macro and get ahead of the game.

I think a lot of people fail because they focus on what’s right in front of them and inevitably, they miss the bigger picture. Of course, it is important to understand your next right move but what’s even more important is to understand how does it affect the bigger picture. As a leader you must learn to see beyond what’s in front of you. That makes all the difference. “

Charalampos Gargaretas

Our Company

We build the leaders of tomorrow.

We are a small team of passionate individuals, each bringing a unique set of skills to the table.  We believe in traditional values and modern solutions and so marrying the two is what sets us apart. We take the best of both worlds to produce consistent, desirable results for a variety of clients. We understand that solid strategies and concrete foundations are key to achieving long-lasting results and our aim is to help you accomplish just thatBecause, if you build it right, it will last for generations to come.  So, let’s build your legacy, together. 

"The best way to
escape from a problem is to solve it."

                                                                                                                               – Brendan Francis

What we offer

We offer a wide range of consulting and business services tailored specifically to meet your individual needs. You tell us what the objectives are and we will generate a solid strategy of how to get there, together. 

Leadership Advisory

Whether you need assistance overcoming a challenge or want to develop your leadership skills, we are here for you.

Business Development

Tell us exactly what your objectives are so we can develop a solid, holistic strategy that will get you there, for good.

Financial Evaluation

Improve your financial outlook with a detailed evaluation. Make sure you spend every penny exactly where you should.

Service Design

Improve your company's performance with services designed specifically
for you.

Digital Marketing

Stand out from the crowd with a high quality digital marketing strategy that generates leads and conversions.

Content Creation

Optimise your online presence by creating high quality content that's sharable and relatable.