About Us

Helping you grow.

Overcoming challenges is our passion.

GH Consulting  was born out of passion to help leaders and businesses grow. Simply. Because when you grow, we grow and when you succeed, we succeed. This is where values meet modern approach. This is where old-school meets innovative solutions. With years of international experience, in both public and private sector, we provide solid strategies to help you reach your full potential and generate long-lasting results. We believe in holistic approach when it comes to overcoming challenges so we offer a wide range of services  tailored specifically to your individual leadership style and unique business case. 

Our MissIon

Leadership is certainly the single most important aspect of running an organisation and it is definitely the one which will determine of its success. Here at GH we believe in values, hard-work and growth. We absolutely love to see people succeed so we provide extensive leadership advisory consultations and development services where we share our expertise to help you build solid foundations for current results and sustainable, long term success that is in line with your values and your vision. 

Honesty is truly the foundation for everything that we do. We believe that you cannot build a solid foundation for your business if you do not lead with honesty and transparency and so, we will always be frank with you. 

Character and moral adherence are what is going to sustain your business relations in the long run. Our values and moral principals give direction to everything that we do at GH. Yeah, we are old school like that. 

Trust truly is the basis of any human relationship, especially those long lasting. It is also a basis for great leadership and business. You cannot build a legacy without trust, you just can’t. 

In both business and in life you got to be bold. You just have to. If you want to achieve great things, you have to do great. Don’t be afraid to be bold, it’s a part of the process. Simply.  

Well, as we like to say, there is always a way. Keep going. Just keep it going. 

We know what we bring to the table.

Do you?

From leadership advisory, management consulting and financial evaluation to digital marketing and service design, we got you covered. Whether you need assistance overcoming a specific issue, looking to develop your business strategy or simply need a fresh perspective on the way things are running, you are in the right place. 

Our Team

Nice to e-meet you.

We are a small, in house team of individuals, each bringing a unique set of skills and perspectives to the table. Together with a wider international network of experts, working remotely on demand we build GH Consulting. We are passion, we are hard-work and we are growth. 



Charalampos is a graduate of Economics from the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, as well as the holder of MSc in Energy and Environment Economics and Regulatory Policy at the University of Surrey in London. 

He started his career in the private sector by working in Sales, Management and Investment Planning and Analysis positions in businesses active in the Construction, Energy and Consulting fields. 

He then gained significant experience in the public sector by serving as a Special Advisor to the Minister subsequently in the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Maritime Affairs specialising in environmental and energy issues as well as ports policy and waste management in the country’s ports respectively. 

In 2018 he was appointed by the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund the CEO and later also the President of the Board of Directors at Elefsis Port Authority in Elefsina. At the same time he has also served as a member of the BoD of the Hellenic Ports Association. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Seaplanes S.A. since mid 2020. 

Throughout his career, Charalampos gained a variety of experiences in the market specialising in port policies and maritime industry issues, business development activities and analysis of the energy markets and environmental economics. He progressed into establishing GH Consulting & Business Services with the purpose of sharing his experience in management consulting and business development in both public and private sector. 


digital marketing

Pola  is an experienced Content Creator, Social Media and Digital Marketing Specialist with a demonstrated history of working within Online Media Industry. She graduated from Kingston University in London with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance. She also holds an MA in Contemporary Performance Practice from the Royal Holloway University in London.  

She worked with a variety of clients including fashion e-commerce platforms, media agencies and several property companies based in London, for whom she developed digital strategies ,  created content and managed various social platforms. Clients include bespoke bathroom company Salacia of London, property development company East Eight London and RTR Developments, activewear brand EDER London, media agency The Real Life of Brands and property crowdfunding platform Crowd with Us. 

Perfectionist at anything that she does, throughout her career, she developed a deep creative drive and a unique aesthetic understanding of online resources. From graphic design, web development to artistic direction in developing and creating campaigns for different brands and clients.  Her artistic background as well as the digital media experience provides her with a unique set of skills in creating high quality, visual content for various social media platforms.