Consulting that Works.

Because your success is our success.

We believe a holistic approach is the most effective way to optimise your success so we offer a wide range of consulting and business services, tailored specifically to meet your individual needs. You tell us what the objectives are and we will generate a solid strategy  of how to get there, together. 

Our Expertise


Operational efficiency, ISPS, digitalisation and environmental consciousness


Extensive industry knowledge and innovative, sustainable solutions


Financial strategies, National & European Union funding, private funding


Compliance, industry policing, regulations and legal advisory


Practical experience, extensive understanding of the industry, transformative solutions


Management consulting, business development, financial evaluations


Industry analysis, report compilation, technical support


Digital portfolio,
photo and video tours,
target new audiences,
digital strategy

What we offer



Whether you need advise on a particular issue or are looking for ways to develop your leadership skills, we offer customised solutions to help you make smart decisions and become the best leader you can possibly be. 

Get in touch to discusss how can we help you:

  • align your strategy, vision and values
  • develop your leadership skills
  • establish the right mindset
  • increase productivity and execution
  • build confidence, competence and strategic thinking
  • learn innovative leadership approaches
  • establish deep, meaningful connections
  • develop new performance expectations
  • know how to execute excellence



Sometimes a fresh perspective is all you need.

If you require a more of a holistic outlook on the way your business is operating, a solid strategy to overcome an operational challenge or to simply get to where you want your business to be, get in touch. We can help you:

  • identify and troubleshoot weak points 
  • access extensive level of expertise within your industry
  • understand your ideal customer and increase revenue
  • boost productivity with specific management techniques
  • optimise effectiveness of the processes and systems in place
  • build the right team
  • develop successful strategy on all operational levels
  • optimise B2C, B2B or B2G targets



Do you need an evaluation of  an overall financial health of your business? Measure how well your company uses its’ assets to generate revenue, check revenue from operations, operating income or cash flow with our financial evaluation. Make sure you spend every penny exactly where you should. Get in touch to discuss further. 



45% of the world’s population are Social Media users, 200 million of them visit at least one business profile per day. 849.3 million users can be reached through ads and 1 out of 3 Greeks are looking for a product information on the Internet. 

With the whole world moving online, especially in the midst of a global pandemic, it is more crucial than ever for businesses to amplify their online reach. Whether your goal is to increase online presence, generate leads or use ads to target new audiences for your brand, we can build your digital marketing strategy to achieve just that and more. Get in touch to see how can we help you:

  • optimise your presence and visibility online
  • develop your unique digital marketing strategy 
  • really understand your audience 
  • connect with your audience instantly online
  • generate leads and conversions
  • get high-quality, sharable content ideas + plans
  • deliver high quality, competitive content & more…  



Deliver high-quality, memorable and sharable content.

Would you like to increase your online visibility but constantly lack of time to do so? Need great, shareable content going out that really speaks to your audience but not sure where to start? Fear no more. We are a team of experienced professionals who will not only help you develop your content plan, we can help you create, produce and deliver it too. From content writing, graphic design and product campaigns to video editing, we got you creatively covered. Get in touch to see how we can help you with:

  • content writing (social media platforms, blog entries, website copy, campaign slogans)
  • graphic design (website content, promotional materials, newsletter development, poster, leaflet & brochure design)
  • photography ( shooting & coordination, campaigns, photo editing)
  • videography (ads, promotional videos, backstage and documentary footage) 
  • campaign development (artistic direction, campaign production)
  • & more…!



Assist organisations, confront issues. 

Transform user experience


“The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.” 

- Socrates